Well - Being

How it all started.

Veterans' Well-Being (VW-B) started as a group of military Veterans involved in different community resources got together to network.  As it is to be expected,  together they saw where different agencies can do better.  Understanding that agencies have policies that may limit the efforts of their staff, the Veterans decided to unite in a different front "Veterans' Well Being".

Who we serve...

VBW is dedicated to serve service members of the military, Veterans and their families (SMVF's).  While serving our brothers and sisters VW-B also took notice of other agencies needs to connect with our population.  Therefore, VW-B decided to put in place a number of evidence based workshops that facilitate the desired dynamic.  


Veterans’ Well-Being’s is dedicated to Active Duty Service Members, Military Veterans, Loved Ones, and Community Partners missioned to assist such.  Our approach is via connection to services as well as connections to one another while using a “Peer Approach” to build a safe environment for our brothers and sisters. 

Also, VW-B facilitates workshops regarding “Suicide” Prevention, and Intervention.

Furthermore, we also facilitate workshops to maintain a well rounded wellness and recovery lifestyle.